Work with Corbec

Job opportunities

Assistant-Kettle Operator

Clear ashes from the surface of the zinc bath, remove molten zinc droplets using the appropriate tools, perform finishing on soaked parts.

Interior forklift operator

Operating an electric forklift, you’ll perform different loading and unloading tasks depending on where you’re assigned. Work closely with your station’s labourer to optimize performance.

Exterior forklift operator

Organize shipping and receiving to optimize your yard’s operations. Load and unload trucks while ensuring that orders are properly fulfilled.

Production coordinator

Supervise and coordinate employees while respecting the backlog of orders. Mobilize the workforce, coach your team, and be present on the production floor to monitor operations.

General Labour

Prepare, fasten, and remove steel on lifting devices. Assess handling best practices and ensure the safety and cleanliness of your work environment. When galvanized steel pieces are unhooked, oversee the finish and pack them for shipment.

Trans Pallet Operator

The trans pallet operator occupies a role similar to factory labourer but with additional responsibilities related to the electric jack.

Shipping-receiving clerk

Receive trucks and track customer orders. Verify quantities and ensure that parts delivered respect specifications. When shipping, verify the accuracy of orders loaded onto trucks.

Maintenance worker

Ensure the plant remains as clean as possible. Be responsible for the general maintenance of the premises (e.g., building, yard, snow removal) and equipment used by employees.

Production supervisor

Mobilize teams to achieve weekly production goals. Coordinate production needs with the planner, plan workforce requirements, and optimize efficiency during each shift. Additionally, monitor plant productivity and make corrections when necessary.

Kettle Operator

Inspect the crane and its equipment before use to avoid nonconformities. Galvanize parts by soaking steel in the zinc bath. Soak the parts for different durations based on customer specs. Additionally, enter operations data into the computer system.